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Nairobi Slum Mapping - Recording of the presentation by Ralf Graf

The mapping and online publication of slums in Nairobi.

There is no comprehensive map of all Nairobi slums. There is a lot of information about the large and well-known slums but hardly any knowledge exists about the smaller slums. Due to this lack of knowledge these small settlements are more vulnerable to illegal evictions. Organizers of evictions and their accomplices find it easier to go ahead because the evictions and human rights violations taking place out of sight of the public. The more information is known about a particular slum, the harder it is to evict it unseen and without protest. The mapping system is connected with a database, where slum residents can upload & collect all kind of digital material. Slum Mapping is both a preventive measure and gathered information can be used for journalistic and legal purposes.

With Ralf Graf, Multimedia Artist, Photo Journalist, Social Entrepreneur & Human Rights Activist.

Download the presenter notes.