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The French Interior Ministry said on Thursday that police arrested five people overnight in connection with the shooting at the Christmas market in Strasbourg, eastern France.

Deputy Home Secretary Laurent Nunez appeared on the French anchor radio and said, "During the night, police searched the Strasbourg area and arrested five people. 

The arrested men were arrested on another charge of Shekat Sheriff (29) who was suspected of escaping.

Police earlier raided Sheriff's home in the morning before the shooting on the previous day, near Strasbourg, a suspected murder and armed robbery. 

Cherif was born in Strasbourg and has been listed on the French government's list of terror-threatening figures.토토추천

He has been imprisoned several times and has been under police surveillance.

The police are on the trail of Sheriff.

Vice Foreign Minister Nunez said, "We can't rule out the possibility that the criminal escaped the French border."

Sheriff was found to have been injured in a shootout with police. 

One out of three people who were killed in the shootings were reportedly Thai tourists.

Peter Fritz, who witnessed the scene, said, "One of the dead was shot in the head as a Thai tourist and did not recover from a long attempt at cardiopul."

Besides the death, 13 people were injured in the shooting, and eight of them were seriously injured.