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Lee Eon-joo, "Kim Jae-dong and Whitelist," Kim Mi-hwa, "Sorry for the Gas News."

Lee during the last 10 days, accusing the government on his Facebook page said, " Park Geun-hye for your life taken issue with the whitelist and blacklist hundreds of thousands of people in jail.Moon Jae-in who ever whitelist and blacklist in the government is missing? " This can be interpreted as the안전놀이터 추천

intention of the incumbent administration to have a whitelist. 

Rep. Lee cited Kim Je-dong's annual salary of 700 million won and Kim Mi-hwa, chairman of the Inter-Korean Railroad Promotion Committee, as a representative case of the incumbent administration's whitelist. Kim Je-dong and Kim Mi-hwa, two broadcasters who have recently raised suspicions about their high salary, were directly pointed out. 

Given Lee's words, it is understandable that Kim took the key post of leading the inter-Korean railroad project through the government's special favor. In fact, various online communities have posted comments such as, "Is Kim from Gagman a railroad expert?" and "A parachute personnel without expertise?" 

However, according to Yonhap News Agency on Sunday, there are no organizations or organizations called the Inter-Korean Railroad Promotion Committee, which Kim is the chairperson of. 

"We understand that there is no organization called 'South and North Railway Promotion Committee'," said an official of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. 

Kim is still in charge of the railroad. However, it is said to be irrelevant to the government.

Kim earlier this year launched by civic groups led by ‘huimangnae a (來)’ ‘donghae committee connecting bukppuseon’ in charge of the Committee. Hopeful future is a civic group that was established in 2010 to increase public interest in connecting the two Koreas. Kim is, as chairman of donghae bukppuseon committee as part of these businesses as well connected. 

He has insisted on inter-Korean railway cooperation, saying, "If the railway line between Gangneung and Jejin reaches 110 kilometers, we can go to Busan and Gangneung, North Korea's Mount Geumgang, Russia's Hasan, and London through the Trans-Siberian Railway." Among them, the commission launched with the intention of providing 1 percent of the 2 trillion won (2.3 billion U.S. dollars) that is expected to be needed to connect the Gangneung-Jejin railroad with citizens. At the time of its launch, former Korail president Lee Chul, former Unification Minister Chung Se-hyun, and Kim were appointed chairman. 

"We are trying to expand our consensus on social issues from the perspective of civil society," said Hwang Kwang-seok, vice chairman of the committee. 

Regarding the appointment of Kim as chairman, Kim said, "As the project requires a lot of ordinary citizens to participate in, we asked someone who has high public awareness and can express our intentions." 

Kim, who is involved in the case, also demanded an apology from Lee, saying that Lee's claim was false news. 
Mr. Kim on Twitter “Lee is not spreading false news and apple.”, and it's " been the chairman of the two Koreas ' railway and civil society and is huimangnaeiriraDonghae bukppuseon doing volunteer work at the ‘a campaign to tie it’ railway connection, the official said