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Na Kyung Won, "I'm not simple at all." a meeting between the leaders of the ruling and opposition parties

Na Kyung-won, floor leader of the Liberty Korea Party, visited the leadership of the ruling and opposition parties for a new personnel appointment on Wednesday, but only confirmed the clear difference in his stance on pending issues such as reforming the election system.스포츠토토추천
On the request of the three opposition parties to adopt the "interactive proportional representation system," Hong Young-pyo, floor leader of the main opposition Minjoo Party, said, "The National Assembly's special committee on political reform agreed on the election system reform plan in January next year, and we will push for the special session in February." However, Na expressed his negative stance on the day and said, "Reform of the election system is expected to be difficult.

"Hong also supported me during the election, but the party said that it was because he wanted to be comfortable," Na told Hong at the National Assembly. "So I said I was not simple." "I believe Na will share a lot of talks with the ruling party and play a big role in the productive parliamentary operation with his soft leadership," Hong replied.

"I think reform of the election system is the biggest issue and I am considering how I can solve it," Na said at a meeting with floor leader Kim Kwan-young, calling for reform of the electoral system. "I hope that the floor leader will become the leader who writes a big history of the Republic of Korea, and let's solve the reform of the electoral system with open mind," Kim said.

"I will talk to Bareun Mirae Party Chairman Sohn Hak-kyu, who has been on a hunger strike for seven days on the floor of the lobby of the National Assembly, and ask for his health. "If we drag the situation too long, we won't be able to see me," Sohn said.

Na also told Justice Party Chairman Lee Jung-mi, who is fasting next to Sohn, "We will share our opinions on the election system reform plan that the floor leader of the main opposition Democratic Party thinks has come up." "Since we have been discussing reform of the election system since the 19th National Assembly, we need to find an interface with the Democratic Party so it won't take too long," Lee said.

Uri floor leader Kim Moon Jae-in, I come with the president came into office sent congratulatory, Han Lee's chief political aide says, " we income driven by growth concerns and politics as soon as possible.I hope, replace the keynote. "Please give us lots of suggestions and advice on how to manage state affairs at the consultative body of the ruling and opposition parties," Han said.

"The Democratic Party agrees with the basic measures for reforming the electoral system, including the introduction of a proportional representation system that has been discussed between the ruling and opposition parties," Democratic Party Secretary-General Yoon Ho-joong said at the supreme council meeting.

However, Na said in a radio interview, "The basic position is that the electoral system should be discussed with the power structure," adding, "In case of the coalition-type proportional representation system, it is difficult to achieve without an increase in the number of lawmakers, so we wonder if the public's sentiment can sympathize with them. Overall, it is negative.