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Only the 'volatile' job has increased...Health and Welfare Effects

Although the number of employed people has increased significantly in just 10 months, experts say that it is still too early to discuss the recovery.

Given that most of the increased jobs are public jobs injected with government finances or those in the service sector, 실시간배팅 which is highly influenced by the economy, it is not certain whether the increase in the number of employed people will continue.

Some point out that the increase in jobs through the government finances is not playing a role of a major factor in the private sector, which is the basis of our economy, such as manufacturing.

According to the National Statistical Office on Wednesday, the number of employed people rose 165,000 from a year earlier in November, the biggest increase in 10 months.

By industry, the number of people employed in the public sector, including health and social welfare services, and public administration, national defense and social security administration, increased by 197,000.

In particular, the number of health and social welfare services increased by 164,000 (8.2 percent) from a year earlier, far exceeding that of the overall employment increase (0.6 percent). This is the largest increase in the number of employed people in the industry statistics were compiled.

The increase in the number of employed people is expected to continue for the time being, given that the government is focusing its efforts on expanding public jobs.

Earlier, the presidential policy planning committee set up a roadmap to create 340,000 public jobs in the health and service sector by 2022. The government is also considering adding 69,000 social service jobs to the economic policy direction next year.
On the other hand, the private job market continued to suffer from the low employment rate.

The number of workers employed in manufacturing in November was 4.49 million, down 98,000 (2.1 percent) from 4.581 million in the same period last year.

The number of employed people in manufacturing has declined for eight consecutive months since April this year, when the number of those employed. Due to restructuring of GM Korea at the beginning of this year, the number of employed workers in the manufacturing sector continues to decrease, the government said.

The wholesale and retail and lodging food industry has also declined for 12 months since December last year. Last month, the number of people employed in wholesale and retail restaurants stood at 59944,000, a decrease of 128,000 (2.1 percent) from 6,072,000 in the same period last year.

The government evaluated that the number of Chinese tourists is decreasing, but since August, the decrease is still large, as more than 100,000 people have been employed for four consecutive months.

The government also says it cannot guarantee that the government will continue to increase employment in the public sector.

"It is fortunate that the increase in the number of employed workers reached its highest point in 10 months," Deputy Prime Minister and Strategy and Finance Minister Hong Nam-ki said at a meeting on economic revitalization on the day. "It is too early to decide whether the increase in employment in November is still a temporary increase (to recover employment)."