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the cry of a life-threatening subcontractor Don't kill me anymore.

"I miss you Yong-gyun. I miss you. How can you do that? Why should this happen to us when we've only seen our son?.”사다리사이트

Kim Yong-kyun (24) and his parents, who died while inspecting the facilities in Taean, South Chungcheong Province on Wednesday, cried at a civic committee and the bereaved families' press conference to find out what to do with their son's life, saying, "My son didn't put documents here for more than half a year." Kim's parents said, "How can this be done as a parent?" and added, "Did the president say he would increase the employment rate? Please explain." "To be honest, I want to do the same thing as my son," he said, demanding severe punishment of the person in charge. "Our sons are our hopes, and it is up to the president and lawmakers to lead the country brightly." I don't know how long I have to go through this.

The funeral hall of Taean Medical Center where Kim`s body was buried was guarded by his colleagues. "The conveyor belt carrying coal was dangerous because it was several kilometers long and fast," said an official. He pointed out, "The risk of the accident was higher because the company reduced the number of people who were on the site from 15 three years ago to 12. "I was nervous when I was working on a conveyor during the night," another employee said. "If two people worked, I could have prevented the accident by pressing the stop button next to the belt immediately."

The Boryeong Branch of the Ministry of Employment and Labor, which started an on-site investigation after the accident, confirmed that it failed to comply with the "two-person one-man rule." "Because of poor profit structure, low-level companies often cut costs by reducing their employees," said Labor Minister Park Yong-hoon. In response, Korea Development Technology explained that it is possible for field operators to work on an internal guideline.

Kim had an accident early in the morning while inspecting the facilities alone. It has been more than two months since he joined the contractor in Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province. Kim has been a better working conditions, union campaign took part in the dust mask and helmet in ‘Moon Jae-in temporary workers, president and I'll see you’ picketed.Authentication, take pictures.

When the news came out, netizens began to express their condolences and anger. "It's too bad that I'm a two-year-old brother. Subcontractors, young people, please don't push yourself. We need to change the original hearing, or the top of it." "A noble worker is another enemy of the Republic of Korea," said Mr. Rlac. He said his greed is endless, even though he is paid and treated with wages that are several times higher than that of non-regular workers. "The chest hurts." "President, I am about to turn into disappointment and anger." "I hope that a working environment where regular or non-regular workers return home safely after working," said Unpo.