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Save the Date: March 1-6, 2015 Circumvention Tech Festival

CTFestival will cross-pollinate information across disciplines, while providing individuals with opportunities to collaborate with those who focus on specific regions or facets of the field. In addition, we will be conducting an event series serving the Spanish-speaking circumvention tech community.

The Invisible Committee Returns with "Fuck Off Google" |

A decent article about a brilliant eight page article on hacker culture, open data and governance.

Alternative Learning Tank

The Alternative Learning Tank is a nomadic school and artistic organization that focuses in the research, creation and implementation of educational programs on progressive and radical fields of knowledge that are not contemplated by educational institutions. It strives for a reform of those institutions, embracing how knowledge is being produced and transferred in the XXI century. Drawing from precedents such as contemporary social movements, digital rights, hacker culture, new media and a general critical stand point about technology. ALT develops a practice of intellectual production and advocacy at the intersection between pedagogy, art and activism.

Radically Open Security

an idealistic bunch of security researchers, networking/forensics geeks, and Capture The Flag winners that are passionate about making the world more secure. We believe in transparency and openness. And our goal is to secure the society that allows us to run a company in the first place.

Internet Protection Lab

The Internet Protection Lab is a steadily expanding partnership of international organisations. Each of its members works to promote a safe and accessible Internet for people everywhere. To this end, we jointly organise trainings on the subject of online safety, as well as offering technical support. So that Internet users can continue to search and share important information online, without fear for their personal safety.


The NetAidKit is a pocket size, USB powered router that connects everything to everything, designed specifically for non-technical users. The easy to use web interface will allow you to connect the NetAidKit to a wireless or wired network and share that connection with your other devices, such as a phone, laptop or tablet.